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i enjoy discussing, debating and increasing my knowledge on politics & philosophy wherever possible, so talk to me about it! as long as you remain unbiased, that is; my knowledge is still pretty limited as it goes. not to say you can't explain your personal beliefs, because i find it very interesting to know where people stand & why.


i identify as a Christian & take a lot of my moral & ethical values from the Bible. i scarcely attend mass at Catholic churches, but i do not support any religious institution (including the Catholic Church) due to my opposition of their hierarchies & discriminatory rules. i'm currently learning about Christian Anarchism, but don't know enough to know whether i vibe with it yet or not. i am enjoying it thusfar.

i consider myself to be a fan of Objectivism, referring to the philosophy invented by Ayn Rand - who was a shitty person, but definitely a brilliant thinker. Objectivism emphasises reason, individualism, and capitalism. Rand described Objectivism as "the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute". i first came across Objectivism through a few ancap figures, and i got into it through reading Rand's novel The Fountainhead - in addition to information from the Ayn Rand Institute.


i have dipped in and out of an extremely broad range of political leanings, but i've pretty much settled on the more radical end of libertarianism. i would describe myself as somewhere between individualist anarchism & libertarian anarchism. not full-on ancap - i don't think anarcho-capitalism could be implemented in society today, after the way the state has intervened with the economy to create the dangerous monopolies that we constantly feel the effects of. corporatism is the enemy of capitalism. in my opinion, the way to go after the dissolve of the State is socialism with private property.

important update: i am an anarchist above all else - everyone describing me as a 'conservative' is illiterate. if anarchism didn't exist (and i didn't have the option to create it!), i'd be a libertarian. while some libertarians are reasonable with conservatives, i don't think they should be. they shit all over everything we stand for. i believe in fully open borders and liberation for ALL. i have my morals like everyone, but to enforce them onto others is a horrific curbing of civil liberty. everyone's business is their OWN, and no one - especially not a federal government - should command what consenting people do with their body and their lives (i think it goes without saying that corruption of minors is against the NAP before anyone pulls that card). trump is a hate criminal and a war criminal, just like every previous and future president allowing the middle-eastern conflict to continue. they fuel one of the most dangerous cults in the world: statism. lib-left and lib-right unity is the way to go - directing anger towards a theoretical 'left' or 'right' wing is useless. the real enemy is government and hierarchy (especially hierarchy based on the grounds of race, sex and class), i.e. tyranny.

click here to see a blog post i made about the main things that made me an anarchist - it's quite long...

i like the UK's current hybrid of capitalism & socialism, and i think it would work brillianty if the government was just...deleted. i do prefer capitalism overall as a form of trade, but i could potentially see myself getting behind Benjamin Tucker's ideas of free-market socialism (though i still need a LOT of convincing about the whole "voluntary taxation" thing...)
"There are two kinds of socialists: State socialists and individual anarchists. The socialism referred to by Henry George is State socialism. It is nothing less than the State itself—at its worst. The anarchists of the Liberty magazine are socialists only in the economic sense; in the political sense, they are arch-individualists. They oppose all State intervention, the kind mentioned by Henry George, and the kind that he himself urges through his Single Tax. In fact, the Single Taxers are the State inquisitors of the future."
--Benjamin Tucker
i'm also a fan of the ideas of Murray N. Rothbard. Rothbard's manifesto, For a New Liberty, is definitely my favourite piece of political literature, and i recommend it to anyone who is tired of the US government's basis of misfeasance. it was the main solidifier of my core political & economic beliefs.

however, i'm not going to sit here and condone the possible racism of Rothbard. if someone was to hinder another human's opportunities in life for whatever reason - including the grounds of race and identity - that would go against the natural rights of every born human, which is a core libertarian principle. in order to be truly consistent, libertarians should be radically in favor of (non-enforced) multiculturalism and social justice, including recognising the rights of gay & trans people, along with gender nonconformists. not following ANY cultural norms, and just picking your very own gender identity, is as individualist and pro-liberty as it gets. if a libertarian has a problem with what other people are doing with their own lives and bodies without harming anyone else, then that seems pretty inconsistent to me.

capitalism seems to have a very bad reputation amongst every other form of anarchist, since anarchism as a whole is very left-dominated. however, of course, i'm always going to be called 'not a real libertarian' for recognising that capitalism is flawed, despite adopting every other common libertarian principle. regardless, i'm an anarchist above all. i'd love for there to be anarchist unity some day - many are starting to understand that the only difference is a belief in a system of trade. we just have to move past the 'eat the rich' mentality; it's tankie nonsense that many get hung up on - that essentially mass killing of capitalists needs to take place to achieve their utopia - something that's as futile as stomping out any people that believe in an idea (see war on terror).

the bridge we need is a belief in voluntaryism: consent-based society. this is something we should talk about when given the opportunity with our lefty friends. we have way more in common with them than any authoritarian. let them have no hierarchy, no property, seize the means of production etc. - but while we can respect them living that way, we sure as hell don't consent to that way of living. it's a big world - no blanket ideology will ever be the only thing in existence. we need the freedom to live as we feel we should, so long as it's peaceful. i don't believe in physical removal or borders, i just want people to live as they see fit - provided they don't hurt others & don't take their stuff.

"Whoever denies private property is of necessity an Archist. This excludes from Anarchism all believers in compulsory Communism. As for the believers in voluntary Communism (of whom there are precious few), they are of necessity believers in the liberty to hold private property, for to pool one's possessions with those of others is nothing more or less than an exercise of proprietorship."
--Benjamin Tucker

i do not support any politician or political party - even the USA's libertarian party - and cannot foresee myself ever doing so. i live in the UK - whose government, in my opinion, has been consistently awful from the beginning of time. i will expand on this in a future update, but in the mean time, read my blog post.