single, 2019

i took your skin and ate it
i carved your eyeballs out
i hope that you can be my friend

i watch you through a window
you haven't found it yet
i know some day you'll look at me

violence violence violence, they be
callin me for violence, i'm a wreck
i don't want it, cause ive
got it, always breathing down my neck
dead in living colour, dead in living colour
fight it, fuck it, i'm an icon.

violence, violence, do you like violence? x3
fight it, fuck it, i'm an icon.

violence, violence, do you like violence? x3
fight it, fuck it, i'm an icon.

we haven't talked that much and
you're just a shell of who i am

violence, violence, do you like violence? x3
fight it, fuck it, i'm an icon.

violence, violence, do you like violence? x3
fight it, fuck it, i'm an icon.


EP, 2018

1. "MYH8"

i hate this school, i hate the cops
i hate what's cool, i hate what's not
i hate the man, i hate this town
i hate it then, i hate it now
i hate love and i hate mine
i hate it real, i hate it blind
i hate my friends, i hate my mind
i hate the world, i hate my life
i never stop, i never think
i hit myself on the kitchen sink
more bruised than a girl with a daddy kink
unlucky charm, i'm the missing link
i start the fire that's burning me
smoke in the room, no one can breathe
i wreck my life when i feel the need
they plant their spite and i'm the seed
i hate my hate.

i need to take a break 'cause i'm sick of these butterflies
and i'm tangled in a web of half truths and lies
you're a soldier blowing bullets in my mind
and i'm mangled and paralyzed
tears cutting down my cheeks and i don't want to
'cause i know damn well that you don't want to
and i know damn well that i couldn't
and it's making me think that i shouldn't.

white nicki with some frosted tips
moods been getting me so tired i've been tripping on my english
white biggie with a clitoris
(just joking guys chill, i'm only christ reincarnate)
if it makes you feel better, you should see the
nail wounds my old friends gave me

never had a big struggle growing in a village
but i ain't gonna lie, i'm just here to show my feelings

you've been tripping over yourself
coming back to me to help
'cause it's killing me like you think
wonder how i would have been

2. "BLADE"

i don't need your help, i don't need your help
no i'm not your friend, i don't want you here
i can make it anywhere.

i got a gold blade to cut my name into your head
and when it heals imma coming back around again
but little girl, do you even have a little strength?
i've got more then enough, i could leave you dead.

round your sheep and count them up, they're leaving you behind
you'll be dead and broke next year while i'll be doing fine
at least i'm educated if my music doesn't grind
you bitches, you're not special, there's a cancer in your mid
i've been thinking about the past boy, you used to be decent
there's no point in coming back to your clique as of recent
you're a parasite, a dreamer making shit up for a reason
your face is all a fantasy, i'd love to see you make it even.

i'm so damn conscientious
they don't appreciate it
i'm asking why i make it
that's why this record's late and
i'm lonely at the weekends
they don't invite me out and
i wouldn't go but fuck i
know my kids at school don't count me
won't spend another night
sleeping in freddie's bed
he'll never give the right
he's fucking up my head
to fuel his appetite
but i've been overfed
he hasn't seen this side
soon i'll be seeing red.


fuck mr face
can't he listen to my brain?
changing, mutating, he's going insane
i'm feeling so fake
needing a break
wait till he changes
get outta my way
you're not my friend
i'm not a person
i'm a vessel with a
mask and it hurts
and it twists and it turns and it
stings and it burns
rip it off for a new one to return.

yung z.h. skin glowing like a phantom
poppin goths, smokin ghosts, feel like danny phantom
i've been sitting in my room looking for an answer
maybe i should kill them all, feel like charlie manson
they're feeling me fall, i'm feeling nothing at all
they're saying girl you need some help
but shit, they're just passing thoughts
it's how i deal with the world
and i admit it don't work
but i've been lucky enough
that i don't take shit and hurt
i can't believe that i try
i wonder it's any good
lived my life in a village
i'd die a day in the hood
diamond stuck in the rough
glass joe in the ring
and why the fuck do i rap?
it's not as bad when i sing.

happily but never after
i don't feel heart in my laughter
I don't smile, it makes me sadder
i can't frown, it breaks the lacquer.

no body here loves me for who i aaaaaammm but who am i, who am i?

this part written by ocoenia
my face is a canvas, i paint what you see
but all the bright colours are smothering me
i wanna die, too scared to try
whatever i say feels like a lie
take me back to junior high
back to the days i didn't cry every night
bent and i'm broken, why am i alive
probably won't make it to year 35

i don't know what you see in me, what you're seeing in me
all i do now is grieve for the younger me
that died off before i was 13
now i'm left just a broken machine
wouldn't it be better to be empty
than to feel at all
what if i was just a dead body?