2020 e-diary/updates

created 17/1/20

18/3/20 | 21:01

welp, the NHS has told us that our household is under lockdown for 12 weeks. my mum has no spleen, so we can't leave our house until 10th june earliest. this doesn't change my life much at all - i only really leave home to go to college, and i'll be sent my college work online. i will have a lot more free time on my hands, so this gives me the perfect chance to get back into creativity. you bet there'll be videos, website updates, blogs, music & whatever else. it may be insensitive but i'm actually very excited.
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12/3/20 | 22:42

i don't really know what to say. college hasn't been particularly demanding, but i'm yet again battling mental illness and it's particularly bad right now. i'll start making an effort to write for my blog tomorrow and over the weekend, and i want to get in the swing of heavily-written videos again. excessive productivity usually helps my mental state, so i'll force myself to give it a shot!

21/2/20 | 00:39

started a personal blog. yes, i'm addicted to starting projects until i have to keep discarding them, so all my projects end up having a short life. i think i'm finally settled with my 2 youtube channels, 4 neocities websites, one name to release my music under &, finally, this blog. i'm unpredictable even to myself though, so who knows where i'll be at in the future?

the blog will be focused on things that happen (or simply exist) around me - whether directly in my life or not - and how i interpret them, or what i take from them. things such as places i go, events i attend, people i interact with, and whatever's happening in the news and politics that i have a strong enough opinion on to write a whole blog post about. fundamentally, it'll be about the way i see the world.

click here to visit neo-egomania, my new blog.

you can see that it's currently empty - i should finish my first post by sunday at latest, and it's going to be a very long one.

13/2/20 | 11:56

coursework blog is finished if you wanna check it out, also i have a week off starting tomorrow so i might add stuff to my sites :)

6/2/20 | 12:44

college is going smoothly enough, so i decided to start independently studying US history & government in more detail. i don't really get anything out of it currently, but it will probably be useful when i move to the US & apply for citizenship in the distant(ish) future. it's also just out of pure interest. because of this, in addition to my increasing workload from college, my websites are being sidelined at the moment - sorry. i won't stop updating them, but i don't have the time to be as frequent and make drastic changes.

1/2/20 | 17:51

myspace profile just for fun. might add other "secret" stuffs to that domain too

25/1/20 | 19:43

made a website to document my lolita stuff

22/1/20 | 13:50

i have to write a blog for my media coursework, so if you want to follow it for whatever reason, here's the link. i don't think it's very interesting, but i guess it'll be useful for aspiring film/video makers? i'm literally just gonna be regurgitating what i've been taught on my course lol, it seems like that's what you're supposed to do. it's gonna be relatively easy.

20/1/20 | 01:04

lace monster

some days, when i'm in town,
i see this girl.
her parasol casts a shadow
that follows her wherever she goes.

she is always alone.
creating space between her
and the people that walk around
by her petticoat that sticks out.

she looks like a fairy tale,
but her eyes are sunken in.
maybe the frills and pretty patterns
are her escape.

her face is plain.
wrapped in lace
over her head and under her knees,
making her feel special.

18/1/20 | 23:43

a small, sugary, fruity treat~

now comes with a free hug!

fairy dust
vanilla frosting
fizzy lemonade
angel tears

nutritional information:
carbohydrates (of which sugars): 999g

comes in pink, pink or pink!
enjoy while warm & friendly.

*no artificial colours or preservatives!*

WARNING: may cause irritation.

17/1/20 | 22:17

wanted to start fresh, since i find the thoughts page quite messy & hard to read. i will probably be less personal here, & just talk about whatever i find interesting at the time.

did you know that if you click on my 'current mood' on the home page, you get more detail as to why i'm feeling that particular way? pretty cringe, right?

also i updated the 'zaf anthems' playlist again, chekk it on the playlist page